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    Community Rules

    Post by Admin on Thu Apr 18, 2013 8:11 am

    1. English Only. If we get an admin that can write Cherokee we may change this. But if we do it'll be English & Cherokee only.

    2. PG-13. This is a public discussion forum. I especially want our children to be able to come here & learn. Posting profanity, vulgarity, pornography or links to pornography is strictly prohibited.

    3. Copyright. The posting of copyrighted or illegal material is strictly prohibited.

    4. Respect. Please be kind, polite & respectful to other members. Please don't take over their topic or question with a topic or question of your own - start a new thread. Disagreements & debates are acceptable. Flame wars & harassment are not.

    5. Handling Disputes. If you must argue please do it via PM, IM or email rather then publicly. But even here flame wars & harassment will not be tolerated. If someone harasses you via PM you can report it to the moderator/admin. You can also block PM's & email's & not post your IM info.

    6. Keep PM's Private. If you decide to argue privately please keep it private. If it turns into harassment report it to the moderator/admin. Please do not post PM's, IM's or emails publicly.

    7. Let Admins/Moderators Do Their Job. Please don't play moderator. Do not jump in & tell others the rules. If you see a post that is against our rules use the "report to moderator" button to report it.

    8. NO SPAM. Please do not use our site for your advertising purposes. If you see spam within a post or via PM please report it to the admin/moderator. Spammers will be banned, deleted & reported.

    9. Graphics. Please do not post large pics or graphics in signatures or posts. Remember life with old computers & dial-up & realize that for some this is still a reality.

    10. Organization. The reason I picked a software with categories & boards was to help organize the threads & posts. Please note the category, title & description of the boards & post in the correct boards. When in doubt - use general discussion:

    If I've missed anything...please let me know. And thank you, in advance, for your cooperation. Very Happy

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