Hawiya Gadunv - Meatloaf & Brown Gravy


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    Hawiya Gadunv - Meatloaf & Brown Gravy

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    Recipe courtesy the Cherokee Nation food distribution program.


    Hawiya Gadunv

    Tali yvdageda waga hawiya
    Saquu ulisquida kali odamili
    Tsoi ginudodi kali ulisquida
    Tali utana didodi kali uwetsi gotlvdi ama ginudodi kali ama
    Ayetli usdi didodi ama
    Ayetli usdi didodi diquayoda
    Saquu ulisquida kali sugi agvhaluyvi

    Digadi ateyvdodi 350 degrees I yudatlegi igvdi utana atelidai, wigasudi waga hawiya, odamili, chili sauce awetsi ama ale diquayoda, osda asuyeda. Digadodi wigalvda 8x4 igida digadodi gvdodi. Digadodi wigahvdo. Gvnisdodi sutliloda igohida ale yuwanvsv igohida. Tsunisdv hia yudtlegi 160 degrees. Hawiya ase uwanvsv tayuli sdodi tla ayetli quu uwanvsvi galesdi digadvdi sgohi yutawostanv adonv sdodi agisdi.


    Meatloaf & Brown Gravy

    2 lbs ground beef
    1 c. oatmeal
    3/4 c. chili sauce
    2 tbsp egg mix + 1/4 c. water
    1/2 tsp salt
    1/2 tsp ground black pepper
    1 c. onion chopped
    1 c. sliced mushrooms (optional)
    4 tbsp minced onion
    2 tbsp butter
    2 c. beef broth
    4 tbsp water
    2 tbsp cornstarch

    Preheat oven to 350 degrees. In a large bowl, combine ground beef, oats, chili sauce, egg, salt & pepper; mix well. Shape into an 8x4 loaf pan. Place loaf pan on a rocak in an oven roasting pan. Bake for 1 hour or until done. Cook until internal temp is 160 degrees, meat should be well done with no trace of pink. Remove from oven & allow to rest for 10 minutes before serving. While the meatloaf is resting prepare the gravy. In a med. saucepan, melt butter over med. heat. Add mushrooms & onioins; cook & still until tender. Add beef broth, simmer for 5 min., stirring occasionally. Combine water & corn starch in a small cup; stir into broth. Cook & stir for 1 min. or until thickened.

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