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    Please Read

    Post by Admin on Thu Apr 18, 2013 10:30 pm

    This community is a place where Cherokees can talk about everything Cherokee. The job of the site admins & moderators is to manage this community. There is no one here to help you prove the family rumor true &/or fill out your application into the tribe for you. If this is what you're looking for - please don't join this community because you will not be around long. This software can/will weed out people who post a thing or two then never come back again until/unless someone replies.

    Before Sequoyah we didn't have a written language. So we didn't keep records. Anything written about Cherokees was written by white people. And I can assure you they did not discuss our genealogy. They mainly wrote about our leaders - Chiefs & other important people, like Nancy Ward for example.

    After Sequoyah we might've done a census in Arkansas. I know we did in Oklahoma. Then a man named Emmet Starr, kin by marriage to Belle Starr, wrote a book about our genealogy. Plus we have some rolls. This is all the "records" we have.

    Lucky for me grandpa George was a chief or I'd be as lost on my dad's side as I am on my mom's. But proving the family rumor true & being a card carrying member of the Cherokee Nation are 2 different things. As far as the NE OK Cherokee Nation, to be a card carrying member your ancestor had to live in Oklahoma & be on the Dawes Rolls. You have to scroll through these rolls & find your ancestor's roll number. Then you have to have birth or death certificates to prove you're indeed related to this person. One great grandma, George's offspring, was in the rolls. So I do indeed have a card.

    Mom's side stayed in Arkansas 'til after the rolls were shut down. So although they had more blood...they can't get cards. Without the card you can't have access to any benefits.

    The fact of the matter is - if you're Cherokee you'll surely know it. I wasn't raised around family so I didn't get to know squat about either side but I still knew both grandpas were Cherokee - even the one without a card. And most everyone on dad's side has cards - except maybe those raised out of state like I was.

    If you're out of state - the only one who'll benefit from your card is your public schools & your employers. Plus you might be able to get help for college?

    If you're in state - you'll have access to freebie clinics & hospitals. But you have to live in a certain section of NE Oklahoma for anymore then that. And even here you have to be poor to get some of the food commodities. don't have to have a card to join this community. You just have to know you're Cherokee.

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