Keep in mind this is a free host


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    Keep in mind this is a free host

    Post by Admin on Thu May 09, 2013 11:40 pm

    We're currently using a free host. That means there's only so many mods/extras.

    On the mods page they list the portal, toolbar (activated), blogs (activated), gallery (activated), footer links, Facebook connect, points & reputation (activated), roleplay game, chatbox (activated), calendar (activated) & html/javascript.

    I haven't activated the portal because 1) I would want it to be home page & I'd want link to it to say home & I'd want forum to be forum page & I'd want link to it to say forum. 2) I don't believe it'll work w/ this theme...nor will the widgets.

    I haven't activated FB connect because I'd need a credit card or cell that accepts text to do so & don't want them to have my card info.

    I haven't activated roleplay game because I don't think this is the site for it. But if you want it activated I can do so.

    Otherwise as far as the forum goes I can add more categories &/or boards.

    As far as the groups go I can create more.

    As far as the gallery goes I can create more categories &/or albums.

    We can also create unlimited posts, events or polls.

    This is really about all I can do w/ a free host. Should this community ever take off & we could get donations we could switch to a paid host & paid software that should come w/ most everything so we don't have to worry about mods. Wink

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