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    Post by Admin on Sat Apr 20, 2013 3:18 am

    My name's Dawn & I was born in OK. But I moved away when I was 4ish & didn't come back 'til I was an adult. I didn't even get to know my own relatives much less my state or the Cherokees. Neither one of my parents knew anything about Cherokees because the relatives that could've taught them either died long before their birth or were disowned in their childhood.

    In the last several years I've gotten into both genealogy & history. I've learned that before Sequoyah we didn't have a written language therefore we didn't keep records. So before him anything written about Cherokees was written by whites or mixed bloods who spoke & wrote English. They normally only wrote about Chiefs & other important people - like Nancy Ward. And even in the case of Chiefs they rarely if ever wrote about their genealogy.

    I don't know that we have any census' before a large chunk of Cherokees moved to first Arkansas, then, at least for some, on to Oklahoma. For genealogy research I mostly use FamilySearch.org, Find A Grave & Google - Google search & Google books. I have found some census at FamilySearch.org where next to my relative's name it says "Indian". So I know we kept census' & rolls after these moves.

    One great grandma can be found in the Dawes Rolls which is why my father's side has cards. Another great grandma stayed in Arkansas until after the Rolls were shut down. So although she had more blood (1/4 Cherokee), my mother's side can't get cards. And this is what those looking to prove the family rumor true need to understand. If your ancestor wasn't in the Rolls then you don't get a card & if you don't get a card then you don't get any benefits. And even with a card you have to live in a certain part of the country to have access to most of the benefits.

    I've got a card. I live in a certain part of OK. Yet I'm still confused. So I, an individual, created this community so we Cherokees could have a place to hang out & chat. Chat about history. Chat about cards & what you can do with them. Plus edit & extend Emmet Starr's Cherokee Genealogy book. Wink

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