Chief Major George Lowrey Jr & his brother John


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    Chief Major George Lowrey Jr & his brother John

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    In a book called the History of Hamilton County & Chattanooga TN Vol 1, page 42, they say "Major George Lowrey, A-gili, born 1770, died in the West 10/20/1852. He was the son of George Lowrey, a trader, & a Cherokee woman. He was assistant chief. He served as major in the Creek War in Col. Gideon Morgan's Regiment & rendered distinct service in the Battle of Horseshoe Bend. He lived on Battle Creek in Marion County & when a treaty extinguished the Indian title there he moved to Willstown, Ala. He spent a great deal of time, however, in the Hamilton County section. He & his wife, Lucy Benge, a half sister of Sequoyah, were members of the Brainerd Presbyterian Church & he was elected a ruling elder. He spoke English fluently & frequently acted as interpreter in the Brainerd Church & later at Willstown where he was also elected elder in the Presbyterian Church. Sequoyah made his home with his sister, Lucy Benge Lowrey, & her husband, Major George Lowrey. Major Lowrey was first to learn Sequoyah's Syllabary (after Sequoyah had taught it to his little daughter), & he helped in the promotion of the alphabet among the Indians. Lucy Benge Lowrey, who was born in 1786, accompanied her family to the West where she died 10/10/1846. Their daughter Lydia (my very great grandma), born 1802, was one of the first converts at Brainerd Mission. She was baptized & joined the Brainerd Presbyterian Church when she was sixteen years of age. She married Milo Hoyt, the marriage taking place in the little Brainerd Church. They moved to the West & she died there 7/10/1862. The children of Major George Lowrey & Lucy Benge Lowrey were: (1) James, who married Elizabeth McLemore; (2) Susan, who married Andrew Ross; (3) George III, who married Elizabeth Baldridge; (4) Lydia, born 1803, who married Milo Hoyt; (5) Rachel, who married first David Brown & second, Nelson Orr; (6) John; (7) Anderson Pierce, who married Mary Nave; (Cool Archibald, who married first Rachel Harris & second, Delilah Baldridge; (9) Washington, who married Jennie _____; & (10) Charles, who married first Jennie Ballard & second, Ellen Rees(e).

    Chief John Lowrey, son of George Lowrey, a trader, & a Cherokee woman, was a full brother to Major George Lowrey. He also served in the Creek War in Col. Gideon Morgan's Regiment. He married Elizabeth Shorey, daughter of William Shorey & Ghi-goo-u. His second wife was Gu-ne-lugi.

    Chief John Lowrey & Major George Lowrey were sons of George Lowrey, a Scotchman, who married a Cherokee called "Nannie". Their daughters were Jennie Lowrey, who married Tah-lon-tee-ski, & Elizabeth Lowrey, who married twice. She married John Walker & Joseph Sevier Jr, son of Gov. John Sevier & Sarah Hawkins Sevier. She was the second wife of Joseph Sevier."

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