Genealogy of Moytoy


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    Genealogy of Moytoy

    Post by Admin on Sat Apr 20, 2013 3:48 am

    This one's a tough one. Why is he so interesting? Because he was the first. He was the first that whites wrote about. Don't get me wrong...they mention the Cherokees before this. He was the first individual Cherokee whites wrote about.

    Acc'd to this book:, Cherokees had 7 towns that governed the tribe & each was supposed to have a chief. When Sir Alexander Cummings visited in 1730 4 towns were without chiefs. But he said 8 towns had "princes".

    Can anybody tell us how it went from 7 towns to 8? Maybe some of the 8 weren't a major town (one of the 7).

    Can anybody tell us if Moytoy was the first Beloved Man before Sir Alexander showed up & insisted they pick one chief for the whites to yack with? Well he was the first Principal Chief (over all 7 major towns). So Sir Alexander declared him Emperor. Then he wanted to take him to England to meet the king. But Moytoy's wife was sick. So he took 7 other chiefs instead. The treaty they signed was supposedly the 2nd ever signed. The first was in 1721 with Governor Nicholson of South Carolina.

    Here: they say when Moytoy died the British tried to pass the title on to his son but Cherokees don't work like that. So that title didn't last long & it was never a Cherokee title.

    Starr's book lists him as the first Principal Chief. And he calls him Mogtog & Moytog. That's all Starr says. So from one book we know he had at least one wife. From another we know he had at least one son.

    Since genealogical research has been taken to the net I'm seeing trees or sites claiming Moytoy was 1/2 Cherokee & his white father was of royal blood. I'm seeing his wife/wives listed. I'm seeing children listed. And these children are called princes & princesses when there was no such thing.

    But I'm willing to admit Starr's book wasn't the only book ever written. Alexander Dougherty married a Cherokee in 1690. Maybe he did some writing? When Sir Alexander Cummings got here he first met with Ludovic Grant & learned Mr. Grant had been with the Cherokees since 1720 & married (at least) one. Maybe Mr. Grant did some writing. Weren't these traders Christians? Maybe they kept family bibles?

    One good thing about this can add links to books, you can upload attachments, there's a gallery to uploaded images to & you can even link to videos uploaded elsewhere like youtube for example. We have the potential to be a repository for records. If you've got them add them & maybe we can figure our first Principal Chief's genealogy out.

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