The History of Oklahoma


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    The History of Oklahoma

    Post by Admin on Wed May 15, 2013 1:25 pm

    Oklahoma was Indian Territory before the Trail of Tears. It was IT before the Old Settlers. It's been IT for a very long time. Eventually there was a land run & it became IT & OK Territory. Both of my paternal grandparents were born here before it became the state of OK in 1907.

    I don't think any of my relatives could be considered Boomers (pioneers settling unoccupied lands before land run) or Sooners (pioneers who snuck over the boundaries to claim prime spots of land just before the land run). On my paternal side some whites (the preachers/missionaries) & their Cherokee relatives came here before & during the Trail of Tears. Other whites (the cowboys/cattlemen/farmers) came here during or just after the land run.

    Then we discovered we had oil. The US Government's policy changed from Indian Removal to one of assimilation. The Dawes Act came to be. With it we switched from reservations & community property to individual ownership of land. The "leftovers" were sold to whites by the US Gov't. Then we had cities like OKC & Tulsa.

    Part of my maternal side came w/ the birth of the city of Tulsa. My maternal granny, born after the Tulsa Race Riot, was born in Dawes OK, which is now a part of North Tulsa. But her father &/or grandfathers surely worked in Tulsa. My maternal grandpa's side came from Arkansas. His mother was more Cherokee (1/4 per her daughter) then my dad's side but they went to Ark instead of OK & didn't move here 'til after the Dawes Rolls were shut down. She didn't get a roll # & land allotment so now her offspring can't get a card or benefits.

    One of the reasons Indians didn't want anything to do with the Dawes Act & land allotments is because they knew there would come a day when their offspring would be landless same as it was with the whites. Fractionation has come to be. I believe my paternal great grandma's land allotment was split between at least some of her children & I know my paternal grandpa's land, which was part of my great grandma's land allotment, was sold & the profits split between his 12 children. And now many of his grandchildren, myself included, sit here landless.

    Another reason is because they thought receiving so-called Indian benefits was like receiving so-called Welfare benefits. And they didn't & many still don't want anything to do with Welfare. Unfortunately for some of us this country's left us with no other choice. But I'll speak about this elsewhere.

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