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    Dept. of Human Services

    Post by Admin on Sun May 19, 2013 2:36 pm

    This isn't a strictly Cherokee thing therefore don't belong under main boards. But it can apply to Cherokees so I'm posting it here.

    I don't know which dip-stick decided to make this a state to state thing but we need to make it a country-wide thing. We also need to educate people about it...both those who may need it & even those who don't so no one should be ignorant therefore jealous in any way.

    The poor can go to DHS for Aid to Families with Dependent Children (AFDC) or Temporary Assistance to Needy Families (TANF), food stamps, Medicaid & daycare assts. They may call it something else but this is what it is.

    AFDC/TANF is short term money. Even the Gov't expects especially single parents to dump their babies on strangers & work. We avoided this part of "welfare" because my ex paid $200/mo child support. $200/mo was more then we would've gotten in AFDC/TANF so we didn't get it.

    Jamie Oliver showed us our public schools feed our children crap. And they say the Gov't don't give them enough to buy fresh anything. I can assure you the Gov't don't give poor families enough to buy fresh anything either. Which is why especially poor people are dying young from things like heart attacks & diabetes.

    I talk about Medicaid elsewhere. But you should note it barely helps especially single parents if at all.

    We barely used their daycare assts because state ran daycares are so packed they can't help but neglect your child(ren). When I did get to work I paid $50/week cash - in other words all of our child support.

    Please note that the Child Support Enforcement Agency is under the very same roof as DHS. They're 2 different depts. Each require their own completed applications. And if they'd told me this then we would've been getting a certain percentage of my ex's wages rather then $200/mo.

    Disabled people who get a so-called check can go to DHS for food stamps, help w/ their Medicare payment, deductibles & co-pays & I'm not sure what else. When I lived alone I got $10/mo food stamps...which wasn't worth applying for so I haven't since.

    In TX they wanted to know how I spent my disability check. They consider rent & utility bills. Home phone or cell phone is not considered a utility bill. Cable or satellite is not considered a utility bill. Internet is not considered a utility bill. And food plus household supplies for 2 aren't considered utility bills. They claimed since I stayed w/ "friends" & didn't pay any rent or their idea of utility bills then I got about $250/mo more then I actually do which knocked me over the limit to get help w/ deductibles & co-pays. Which is why I have bill collectors from TX still after me.

    In OK they didn't ask how I spend my check. My check is this much...nothing more - nothing less. Which is below the limit to get help w/ deductibles & co-pays. So I get help w/ my deductibles & co-pays. This is why I say we need to make this a country-wide thing rather then a state to state thing.

    They offer some more services to the disabled & elderly but I don't know what they are because I've never received said help.

    Another part or dept. of DHS is child protective services & adult protective services. They're supposed to protect children & disabled or elderly adults. But I haven't seen them protect anybody I know yet. I've seen them harass good parents & turn a blind eye to bad ones. You can spend hours on the net reading the stories of all the humans either CPS or APS failed.

    This entire agency is one big fail & needs to be completely reworked. They make it hell just to get the so-called help in the first place. Then one way or another they keep you down & out rather then actually help you. They & also the mental health care industry keep you stuck w/ mentally ill & abusive people. And together they make statements like "stop the cycles of abuse" blank statements.

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