May 19 & 20 2013


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    May 19 & 20 2013

    Post by Admin on Wed May 22, 2013 1:02 pm

    I don't normally watch the news. But when I hear bad storms are coming I tune in. May 19th, the day after my birthday, Shawnee was hit by an f4 tornado & 2 were killed. May 20th Moore was hit by an f5 tornado & I'm not exactly sure how many were killed. When I went to bed that night they said 51 - 20 of them children. When I got up the next a.m. an online news site said 91 were dead. But then while watching the news later they said only 20 dead - 7 of them children. My sympathies to anybody who lost anything.

    22 dead is still 22 too many. Even when I was a kid I wondered why southerners who actually get tornadoes don't have basements yet northerners who rarely get tornadoes do. It never has & never will make any sense to me.

    In the north when you buy a house the basement comes with it. In the south you have to buy a tornado shelter or now days a safe room separately. Too many ppl can't afford this. Even if they could, if you live in a town or city, there's the problem of where to put it. We don't have much for front or back yards. And we in apts don't have any yard at all.

    Too many individuals can't afford this. But the Gov't, hospitals, businesses & schools can. Moore already got it's butt kicked by an F5 May of 1999. So they know large tornadoes are possible & you can't really hide from them. The only way you can be fairly certain to survive is to go underground. Every single town should have at least one shelter & cities should have several.

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