Rental Assistance Program


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    Rental Assistance Program

    Post by Admin on Sat Jun 15, 2013 2:33 pm

    Another name for rental assistance program is Section 8.  You get section 8 vouchers from housing authorities.  And with them you can get a house, duplex, townhouse, condo, mobile or apartment.  It helps pay the rent.  Landlords just have to accept it.  And their dwellings have to pass an inspection.  Sounds simple enough don't it?

    I just got one from the Cherokee Nation Housing Authority.  This is my 4th time & I'm not having it any easier then I did with the last 3.

    I believe my 1st was from the Cherokee Nation.  Then I lived in Tulsa & didn't know squat about the rest of OK.  But I couldn't use it in Tulsa.  I also couldn't use it in any towns west or south of Tulsa.  It had to be north or east of Tulsa.  I couldn't find anything in the nearby towns I knew north & east of Tulsa.  So I didn't get to use the voucher.

    I believe my 2nd was from the THA.  And here again I was trying to stick w/ my home town of Tulsa or any nearby towns.  It's next to impossible to find a 1 bedroom house, duplex or even mobile.  There's not many townhouses or condos in Tulsa & what there is don't take section 8.  So individual people are basically left w/ apartments. After much searching I finally found a 1 bedroom apt w/ washer & dryer connections in a fairly decent area.  THA said to request inspection just before you move in. 

    Okay well I had to reschedule utility connection once because the guy who lived there wasn't ready to move yet.  Just before I moved in I requested inspection.  Then I was informed it would be at least a couple of weeks before they could inspect.  But I turned in my 30 day notice, had utility people turning things on & was supposed to move in a couple of days.  The one who promised to help me move started getting all iffy.  The whole lot of it was too much stress & anxiety for me so I cancelled everything & didn't get to use that voucher.

    Note: Acc'd to lady who gave me 4th voucher, you should wait 'til after it passes inspection to give notice & worry about utility connections.

    My 3rd was from OHFA.  I could transfer it anywhere I wanted so I transferred it to Austin TX.  The thing about Austin TX is I'm completely lost.  I'm about 1/2 blind even w/ my glasses.  And I'm night blind.  I could use some help.  But I wouldn't exactly call the only people I knew there helpful.

    Another thing about Austin TX is they hold bad credit against you.  Even medical bills.  I didn't think anybody could hold medical bills against you.  I didn't think any landlord could hold anything but bad rental history against you.  And I don't have any bad rental history.  I've always paid my rent & utility bills.  I've never been evicted or had utilities shut off.  Indeed I've lived w/ friends off & on the last 8-9 years yet when I moved in my current home I didn't have to pay utility deposits because I left things on good terms.  I've also never trashed a place or left it filthy because I don't live filthy.  I'm so clean I've been accused of being OCD.  But I couldn't find anything so my section 8 voucher expired.  And the section 8 voucher list in Austin TX was so long it was shut down so I couldn't reapply to get another.

    I don't know why I applied for this 4th one.  Yeah I do - I'm really tired of low income HUD apts.  But I got it & yeah - nothing so far.  THA, OHFA & even the Austin Housing Authority all have landlord lists.  The Cherokee Nation does not.

    I just posted on the Cherokee Nation FB page that I hope their Housing Authority starts keeping lists of landlords they've dealt with in the past.  It'd really be cool if they could come up w/ an online database where landlords could post something like ads to discuss what they've got & once rented remove it. Otherwise this is another perfect example of help agencies & orgs not exactly being helpful.

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