Genealogy of Nancy Ward


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    Genealogy of Nancy Ward

    Post by Admin on Sat Apr 20, 2013 3:54 am

    I suppose we can do like Starr did...take these major names & work from them.

    Nancy married Bryan Ward. But he'd married a white woman first & they had John Ward. So you think...then he's Nancy's step-son & not at all Cherokee. This is true but he married Catherine McDaniel & she was part Cherokee. So now all their Ward children are part Cherokee.

    None of Nancy's grandchildren were Wards. She had one Ward daughter who married a couple of times so those grandchildren are Martins & Hughes'.

    Nancy's other 2 children were Kingfisher's. The daughter married at least 3 times so those grandchildren are Candy, Harlan & Walker.

    Nancy's father was Francis Ward & her mother was Tame Doe. They had 2 children - Nancy & her brother Longfellow Ward. If anybody has info on Francis Ward, Tame Doe or Longfellow please post.

    Nancy married Kingfisher first. He was shot & killed while fighting in a war so she picked up his gun & fought herself. This is why she was the last Beloved Woman. But I've never heard of any other Beloved Women so she may have been the only one.

    I've heard she & Bryan were cousins yet I don't have parents for him. She had Catherine (Ka-ti) & Fivekiller & he had John & together they had Elizabeth.

    Catherine (Ka-ti) Kingfisher m. Samuel Candy, Ellis Harlan & John Walker
    Fivekiller Kingfisher m. Catherine Swimmer

    Elizabeth Ward m. Joseph Martin & Daniel Hughes

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