Tubley - The Latest Scam


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    Tubley - The Latest Scam

    Post by Admin on Sat Apr 20, 2013 8:32 am

    I received an invite to join this site named Tubley. So I googled it because I'd never heard of it before. Per several peeps on google this is one of the latest dating sites. They don't say much about their actual site...they do say these people are somehow getting people's email addresses then sending invites in their name to everyone in their address book.

    You'd think you'd have to register for an account & give them your email address before they could then connect to it & learn who's in your address book...right.

    Well I'd been banned from Geni. You'd think trying to use my email address would raise a flag & I'd be prevented. Several months later I simply visited the URL...I wasn't trying to register...& next thing ya know I've got an account complete with a personal profile. I don't know how they did it...my Google email address or my Facebook account which is also connected to my Google email address. But they lifted it, they created an account & a profile & I wouldn't be surprised if they sent invites to everybody in my address book.

    Is it Google? Is it a Facebook application? Or is it your browser? Where is your browser recording what your email address is. Or that this is the same email you use to get into Facebook with? Equally...how is it that just because you register for an account & give them your email address they think they've got a right to connect with it, learn who's in your address book & send invites to people in your name? Not everybody in my address book is a friend. Some are business people I've spoken to once at best. If I send someone one email suddenly they're in my address book.

    Inviting my friends somewhere is supposed to be my option...not a social networks option to sneak into my address book & spam people.

    I didn't click on any links. And I have not visited this URL. Since I know how they roll I won't. I recommend if you get an invite you don't click on any links & you avoid this URL as well.

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