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    Blazing Keywords

    Post by Admin on Sat Apr 20, 2013 8:34 am

    I can't remember if I was on Facebook or MySpace but I saw an ad talking about "type keywords & earn money from home". For $1.00 something you're supposed to get a CD which teaches you all about it. Mine didn't even cost me $1.00 was only $.99 cents...then I never got the CD.

    Here's the link you need to avoid:

    They charged me $72 something which I didn't authorize. I called to cancel this & get the money refunded only to get hung up on 3 times. The next time the lady refused to get her supervisor. She promised to do what I asked & even gave me a confirmation # but I've researched/read online & they'll be trying to charge me again next month. So canceling this account you didn't ask for to begin with don't do you any have to cancel the check card.

    I went down to the bank to do just that only to learn there's 2 more charges on here that I didn't authorize from somebody named Grant Masters who I don't even know. Evidently they're either sharing my check card info or their employees are getting the info somehow. There's also several lil charges from Visa International Service Assessment which I'm told happens when your card's charged by foreigners.

    I had to call the police & file a fraud report. Tomorrow I have to take the case# back to the bank to get all these charges taken off. Plus I have to cancel my card & get another one then call the 2 people I do mean to do biz with & give them my new #.

    All of this for a 99 cent charge. These people need to go to jail. The policeman said the only way to stop this is to quit doing business with foreigners. But the website's in English so I didn't know. This has got to be at the bank level. They've got to see "international" & stop the payment.

    I don't know about you but I can't afford to visit a foreign country. So then nobody in a foreign country should be charging my check card.

    And these people weren't the only ones to get me. My ex's cousin is an apt locator & he told me to go to free credit & get my credit report so he could help me find housing. It's not free. It's the same thing...they automatically sign you up for membership & charge you every month. I don't know how much they got me for before I realized it then called & canceled this crap. So I need to go back over my statements then go after them too.

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