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    Global Test Market

    Post by Admin on Sat Apr 20, 2013 8:35 am

    I went to visit a friend today. While I was sitting there she opened an envolope from Canada that had a check for over $900 in it. She thought she'd finally been paid for some online surveys she took. She was talking about they'd have no problem paying rent this month. She was talking about she hasn't been able to buy relatives X-mas presents in years but she finally could this year. We were all high-fiving each other. Especially when she talked about buying me another computer (mine crashed last month). But I said if it's legit I'll do it myself & buy my own computer.

    With the check came a letter w/ a # on it she was supposed to call...which she did. I didn't like the fact that they expected her to get a checking account. I also didn't like the fact that they were gonna require her to spend some of "her earnings", even just $5, at Walmart as a mystery shopper.

    Anyway...she couldn't wait for her hubby to get home so she could tell him the great news. I was listening on the other end of the phone to see if he fainted...but he did not. Perhaps it was him who suggested she search Google to see if this was legit. It's a good thing she did cuz it's not at all legit.

    Most people getting the same checks are getting much bigger ones & they're being told to keep some as income, spend some at Walmart & send the rest somewhere via Western Union. I don't think they mentioned Western Union to my friend yet...maybe they were going to after she got a checking acct & called them back.

    At least one victim has not only been ripped off but has actually gone to jail over this. And if they hadn't saved everything they got from this place they'd probably still be sitting in jail.

    DO NOT CASH THE CHECKS. They will bounce so not only will you have to pay returned check'll have to pay back whatever you spend.

    As this site says: "forward all checks, paperwork, and recordings to your closest USSS:"

    Also: "If the scamers are based in Canada then I would suggest that as well as filing a report with the US Secret Service, you should also file a report with the Canadian Anti-Fraud Center Since the scam letters are coming from Canada I think it would be useful to get Canadian law enforcement involved in trying to find and prosecute these criminals."

    We went from happy to crappy in no time. My poor friend. I really hope somebody gets these guys.

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