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    I've been screwed over before. I gave birth to a sick kid & simply could not force the Medicaid quacks to fix her. We had to wait 10 years 'til I got real health insurance & could take her wherever I wanted. I took her to an ear/nose/throat guy who yanked her tonsils & adenoids & she hasn't had the same problems since. Why didn't the Medicaid quacks do this? Because then they couldn't have earned a living off her.

    Next it was my turn. I've been in wrecks where I've been injured. Yet I've never been able to sue anybody for millions or even thousands. I've also got especially one health problem that makes my life a living hell. And like my kid's - it could be solved with a simple surgery. I've spent 16 years fighting for this simple surgery & haven't gotten it yet. I'll likely die with this disease because I refuse to play a guinea pig & take meds that do nothing but cause more problems & I also refuse to help someone earn a living off me.

    Then there's employers firing you for bogus reasons. I've been fired so the manager could make room for his wife when I didn't think you was supposed to hire relatives. I've been fired because another manager's wife was jealous, didn't want us working together alone & was too lazy to get off her butt & work with us so she could keep an eye on us. I've been fired because half the office staff, including the supervisor, was too high to handle their jobs & the manager was too ignorant to realize it. I've been fired over me or my kid's health problems. I could go on & on & many of these are supposedly illegal & you can at least sue yet I've never been able to find an attorney willing to work for free 'til we win.

    9 years ago I lost most everything in a month. I've been down ever since because 1) several have kicked me while I'm down including companies 2) if they're not kicking you then they're otherwise trying to use you & 3) help agencies & orgs don't really "help".

    For example...I lived in a hell hole in Tulsa that people called the mini prison. It was low income housing via HUD. IF they fixed things it took forever. They let the bad apples get away with murder. But they harassed me & mine. I complained to HUD then I dealt with retaliation. So I complained some more to HUD - not that it did me any good the first time. Then I was given a notice to vacate for "complaining too much". I went around to several apartments & got pics of things they wouldn't fix. I got petitions signed. I posted all this on a site that other people joined to also complain about the place. But I still had to move. HUD says retaliation is illegal so I filed a formal complaint. They blew me off for over a year then informed me it was too late to help but I could hire an atty & I better hurry because the statute of limitations was almost out. I also learned this place both doctored paperwork & slandered me but there was nothing I could do about it.

    It was due to the above apartments I learned Legal Aid don't have the funds to help sue people. So no...I can't hire an atty.

    I swore I'd never live in a HUD place again yet here I am living in a HUD place. Just like the last one they're screwing people over. And just like the last one they're getting away with it. OFHA/HUD isn't doing anything. And for one reason or another Legal Aid is inaccessible.

    What are we teaching the children of the poor? We're teaching them everything they learned in school was a lie. This is not a free country. If you can't afford an attorney to defend your rights then you have no rights. People can walk all over you & there's nothing you can do about. At least not until they commit a crime worthy of prison but by then their victims are usually dead.

    If you're a Cherokee attorney willing to help your people either free or at least wait 'til you win to get paid please post your business info here. Thanks so much. Very Happy

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