I joined - now what???


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    I joined - now what???

    Post by Admin on Thu Apr 18, 2013 6:39 am

    You don't have to register/join this site to view/read the content. You only have to register to post & otherwise use the features we have to offer. So if you do join - please do post & otherwise use the features we have to offer. If you do not you will be deleted & banned so you won't make the mistake of joining a site you have no interest in again.

    To avoid spammers w/ fake email addresses we do email verifications here. That means you have to click on a link to finish registration. So if you don't get the email verification - check your spam folder.

    Once you're truly registered I suggest first reading the Community Rules.

    Next, if you know nothing about discussion forums, I suggest reading the FAQ's. If the FAQ's don't answer your question post it in our Support board. You should only use the contact page when you can't register/login. As far as harassing posts or PM's we have a report feature for at least the posts if not the PM's. So there's no need to PM admin(s)/moderator(s) here.

    Next, you should introduce yourself & tell us why you joined here.

    Finally you should post, post, post! Smile

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