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    Safety Tips

    Post by Admin on Thu Apr 18, 2013 7:58 am

    Just after the last year alone (more school shootings plus the Boston Marathon) it should be painfully obvious our mental health care & legal systems are totally failing us. Our mentally ill are either out here with the rest of us. Or they're in prison where they'll get no help what-so-ever.

    Would you go to a bar & give a total stranger your address & phone number? Hopefully not so you shouldn't do it here either. If you insist on sharing your address & phone number please do it via PM or IM...not publicly. The only time you should share your social security number or bank info is via a secure web form - if then. And if you insist on meeting strangers please do it in a public place.

    As far as this site goes I personally am not allowing people to email me. If I wasn't an admin I wouldn't allow people to PM me either. If you don't want people emailing you edit your profile & fix it. If they spam or otherwise harass you via PM report it so I can at the very least remove & ban them if not report them to their ISP &/or host.

    If they spam or otherwise harass people on the forums there's a button to report that too.

    Just remember this is a PUBLIC site. Keep your personal info to yourself & a very close few & you should be okay. Wink

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