US Dept. of Housing & Urban Development - AKA HUD


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    US Dept. of Housing & Urban Development - AKA HUD

    Post by Admin on Mon Apr 29, 2013 12:10 pm

    I've lived in 3 different low income apartment complexes & every last one has profiled me. The first treated me like I'm scum of the earth 'til I married their maintenance man. Then they realized I'm nothing like they assumed I'd be. I don't go through guys like some go through underwear. I don't have 10 kids by 7 different men. I didn't allow healthy grown men to live off me & the Gov't. I didn't sit around drunk or high & sleep constantly leaving my child to both live in filth & also raise herself. I didn't shop at convenience stores with my food stamps. I didn't abuse or neglect my child. We were simply sick...I couldn't force greedy quacks to fix us & I couldn't afford an attorney to make the greedy quacks fix us.

    In the 2nd one, Fairmont Terrace at 61st & Peoria, they refused to fix anything. They refused to do anything about the bad apples...said I was slandering strangers I didn't even know. If their security had come when I called them rather then an hour or two later they would've caught people red handed. They harassed me & mine claiming it was private property & they could do what they wanted. So I complained to HUD. They didn't even reply to my emails. Yet I still dealt with retaliation. So I complained some more. Then I was given a 30 day notice to vacate for complaining too much.

    I went around from apt to apt taking pics of all the things they wouldn't fix. The corner of one guy's ceiling was caving in. In another building there was bad mold. One lady had 4 kids w/ asthma who were getting sick. Another gal upstairs went to the hospital with either bronchitis or pneumonia. Yet all the health dept would do is tell them to spray bleach water on it. It was obvious whatever money they were getting to fix the place up was going in their own pockets & although HUD supposedly did yearly inspections they didn't catch this.

    I got pics. I got petitions. And I created a website & posted all this on it. Some neighbors joined & posted their opinions of the place as well - none good. And I sent a link to this site to several people including HUD. But at the end of 30 days I still had to move. Legal Aid recommended it before the notice to vacate became an eviction notice as then I wouldn't be able to get low income housing again. As far as suing them after I moved they said they couldn't help with that - didn't have the funds to help sue people.

    Acc'd to HUD's website retaliation is illegal. So I filed a formal complaint. I also sent them a link to this site. They blew me off for over a year. Then they called & said since it'd been so long plus since I moved to TX they couldn't help me. They informed me Fairmont Terrace was both doctoring paperwork in my file & also slandering me. But they told me I would have to hire an attorney & I'd have to hurry before the statute of limitations ran out. But no you can't hire an attorney because again - Legal Aid said they didn't have the funds to help sue people. So I swore I'd never live in anything HUD related again.

    This last one, Locust Grove Elderly Housing/Echota Heights, is for the elderly & disabled only so I thought it'd be any different. I thought wrong. They're some more who like to profile - just assume residents never made it through middle school therefore must be dumber then a box of rocks. I've got more intelligence in my pinky then their manager does throughout her entirety.

    When I moved in the move in condition sheet was already filled out for me. They're not supposed to fill that out - new residents are. She marked everything fine but actually a light fixture cover in the bathroom was cracked, an electrical outlet cover was missing & the cabinets, drawers, fridge & oven were all dirty. I informed her of the light fixture cover & outlet cover immediately. But the light fixture cover in the bathroom hasn't been replaced to this day - over a year later.

    When I moved in I was told no one could live with me & if they did they'd need to fill out an app & be approved same as I was. There's all kinds of people living here that aren't supposed to be. Some of the residents & especially their unapproved roomies LOVE to harass the elderly & disabled for money, ciggs, lighters & rides. I've told them all I'm not a bank, grocery store, convenience store, smoke shop or taxi. Yet a couple of days later I'm forced to repeat myself like a broken record. It's gotten so bad I've had to put a note on my door - DO NOT DISTURB.

    The manager won't say anything to any of these people. Instead she comes & talks to me about feeding strays when it's neither illegal nor against HUD rules.

    Not long after I moved in I noticed first of all my old fridge would have ice chunks form on the back of it that would then fall to the ground & melt all over the floor. No telling what this was doing to the floor. So I reported it but I didn't get a new fridge until March. Second of all a few light fixtures eat bulbs like there's no tomorrow. You put 2 in, 1 almost immediately goes out then weeks to months later it kicks back in again. Obviously there's something wrong with them...but when I informed them of it they blamed it on cheap light bulbs. Last but not least a few electrical outlets won't even hold a plug in them much less work. I'm not positive but this well could be a fire hazard?

    I can't begin to tell you how many times the manager, maintenance & the bug guy have showed up at my door with absolutely no notification. This is yet another no-no.

    Earlier this year they forced us through 2 housing inspections when there's only supposed to be one...& HUD's supposed to do that one. They did a pre-inspection so they could fix anything wrong before HUD got here. But they're supposed to be fixing anything wrong BEFORE we move in. They're also supposed to deal with maintenance calls. Both the manager & either her boss or the owner was here when I reminded them of the light fixture cover - nothing. I reminded them of the fridge - nothing. I informed them of the light fixtures eating light bulbs & as I said above they blamed it on cheap dollar store bulbs. GE is GE...regardless where you buy them. One of their maintenance men agreed with me & said he'd be back to take a look at them but never has.

    The big boss or owner discovered my hot water heater leaked. Then they disappeared. Days later the pilot light went out. It took me 2 days to get it re-lit. Then either the same day or the next day it went out again. It took me quite a while of dealing with people just showing up at my door - all telling me something different & they'd be back later only to not show up - before it was finally replaced.

    During HUD's inspection 4 people plus a HUD official walked into my apt - 2 of them headed towards the bedroom/bathroom & 2 more headed towards the kitchen. Next thing I know every door in the place was standing wide food pantry, my coat closet & my bedroom closet. What's in these closets a HUD official would need to inspect? NOTHING!!! The police would need a search warrant. But this place assumes because they own the place they don't need to bother with one.

    A week or two later we got notices on the door informing us we had to turn in our bill statements because they were going to try to get a utility allowance decrease. I said we don't get a utility allowance. A utility allowance is a separate check that goes towards your electric & gas. I get one disability check (& my rent's supposed to be based on it)...I get my bills...I pay my bills out of my one disability check. But the manager claimed it was deducted from our portion of the rent. I'd barely been here a year & had 10 statements from both electric & gas...which I gave to them. But the manager comes back & insists I give them my electric account number & sign a form so they can contact PSO themselves. They have no business having our utility account numbers. Bank acct #'s - sure. Utility acct #'s - no.

    This month we got notices stating OHFA agreed to the decrease & we needed to come in & sign new forms showing our new rent. They're not supposed to be raising your rent twice in the same year but damn if they're not. My rent's going up $60 when most everybody here can't afford anything as it is. So I finally sent an email to OHFA explaining all of the above. Out of all this basically the only things they acknowledged was the maintenance calls not being handled & they informed me the utility allowance was deducted from my rent otherwise it would be even higher then it is. She informed me we had several days to appeal this decision & only one person did. To which I replied we can't even afford stamps.

    Nothing about the move in condition sheet being already filled out. Nothing about all these moochers here that aren't supposed to be. Nothing about people showing up w/ no notification. Nothing about 2 inspections. Nothing about them going through my private spaces.

    They informed me if I didn't sign this form showing my new rent I had to move out. So I sent my lease, recertification, these notices & this form to an attorney. And from what she read we're supposed to be getting checks which are supposed to be decreased - not our rent increased. She told me to contact Legal Aid for help figuring out where these checks are going & what they're doing with them because they're sure not coming to us. Unfortunately Legal Aid has so many road blocks preventing people from obtaining their help they're still not an option.

    The atty also noted this place claims these little boxes with no dishwasher, garbage disposals or washer & dryer connections are worth almost $600/mo. When I was married we bought a 7 year old house w/ 3 bedrooms, 1 & 1/2 baths & 2 car garage & our house payments were only $550/mo. After my divorce my kid & I lived in large 2 bedroom apts in the Union School District w/ washer & dryer connections for less then $550/mo. In TX we had an apt w/ ceramic tile floors, berber carpet, all new cabinets & counter-tops, a built in microwave, washer & dryer connections, garden style tubs in both bathrooms, a pool & a hot tub for $800/mo. But this place has the chimi-changas to say they're worth almost $600/mo. But like the atty said - any time the Gov't is involved all the greedy can see is the $$$ signs.

    OHFA's obviously going to allow them to rip off both us & the Gov't. They're not ripping off the Gov't in my name for long. I've applied for Cherokee housing & as soon as they call I'm out. Hopefully they're nothing like HUD. Hopefully I never have to move again.

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    Post by Admin on Fri May 03, 2013 10:49 am

    The big boss/owner spoke to we who called OHFA on them.

    As far as the move in condition sheet already being filled out for people the manager claimed we did go through here together. I said we came in, she pointed out it had new carpet & tile, handed me the keys & was out. We did not take that form & go through everything - checking things off as we went along. I had to go to the office & tell her about the electrical outlet cover missing & light fixture cover being cracked.

    The big boss/owner asked then why did I sign it. What choice did I have? The bills were already turned on in my name. I was moving in.

    The better question is why didn't she go around & ask others if I'm lying. Were their move in condition sheets already filled out for them? She don't want to do that because then she'd learn about all the people moving in who didn't even get a paint job & carpet shampoo.

    As far as the unapproved residents they said one guy was no longer here & one gal is supposed to move out next week or so. The guy was here...& I heard he's coming back. As far as the gal...that's what they said a week or two ago. And what about the people on the other sides of these buildings? I know of 3 people on the flip side of the building across from me. And not a single one are actually helping the elderly or disabled person they live with. They're there to mooch. Speaking of moochers they said to not answer the door or tell them no. Some of them come in the middle of the night. So I let them beat on my door or ring my bell & wake up the neighbor then what? And I do tell them no - repeatedly - & a couple of days later they're making me repeat myself like a broken record.

    Acc'd to the big boss/owner there's something in the lease about no soliciting & the manager should send out a notice reminding people. I haven't seen one yet.

    One old lady slandered me when she's got a granddaughter living w/ her - she's actually breaking the rules. The manager denied this old lady slandered me. I said you told neighbor she did. She kept denying it so I said then who did? She can't tell me that. But she can tell others I'm the one complaining about them. She denied this as well. She claimed my complaint letter was sitting on her desk & someone read it while she had her back turned. But the lady who supposedly read it claimed she asked if it was guy on the other side of her & was told no - a little further west (which would be me).

    The manager also lied about failing to put notifications on our doors. Management, maintenance & the bug guy all have shown up w/ no notice. She claimed mine must blow away. It's happened too many times for them all to be blowing away. We have screen doors making it next to impossible for the wind to carry them away. One neighbor's gone a week or two or more at a time & when she gets back notices are still flapping in her door. I got these notices about needing to see copies of our bills, they're going to have utility allowance decreased, their request was approved & we needed to sign form showing new rent. I also got a copy of the form I was forced to sign else move out. I also got a note that the bigg boss/owner was coming. I also got the notes about 2 inspections. But all these others are blowing away.

    Here again we should've talked to neighbor & caught her in her lie. She told me I need to get up & answer the door so she can hand the notices directly to me. Neighbor gets up that early. And he usually has his door open so he would've noticed someone shoving something in his door. Yet bug guy showing up last week was a total surprise to him.

    As far as things taking forever to least I got a new AC, hot water heater & fridge. And as far as raising the rent twice in a year & charging wayyyy too much for one of these little boxes - it's all HUD's doing.

    The manager still has a job. scratch

    Legal Aid has also since called me. If I was in a lease I could break it. But I'm not so I can just move. Except I can't just move. I have to sit on a waiting list until other housing becomes available. Well then I can just turn in my 30 day notice & move. It just seems so easy for people who have never been forced to live on squat. There's a deposit plus reconnection fees. There's packing & temporarily living out of boxes again. And there's begging someone w/ a truck to help me. And if you're at all decent, which I am, there's paying for the gas.

    Per the atty...I can also report this to HUD. Laughing

    I've heard of people suing for slander/defamation of character. Mental cruelty/mental anguish. I don't know if you can for profiling people or not? But I think you can for harassment. And what about this total lack of confidentiality? Legal Aid can't do nothing for you. HUD won't do nothing for you. Because of so many atty's being screwed over in the past the days of them working free 'til you win & they can collect are over. So this is not a free country. And not all of us have rights.

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