7 Clans of the Tsalagi


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    7 Clans of the Tsalagi

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    Per a distant cousin WinterOwl/Robert Vann

    Clans of the Tsalagi

    The Tsalagi were involved in a seven clan structure. This system was developed over many years for social, religious, political and genetic reasons. Clan membership was established for the mother and was passed down through the women of the family. In order to diversify the gene pool (although the concept of genetics was unknown to mankind), a man could not marry anyone within his own clan. Additionally, politics and his role within Tsalagi society were determined by clan membership. The list below explains some of these concepts.

    The seven clans of the Tsalagi

    Long Hair (a ni gi lo hi)
    They were also known as the "Twister", "Hair Hanging Down" or "Wind" clan. They wore their hair in elaborate hairdos, walked in a proud and vain manner, twisting their shoulders. This clan provided the Peace Chief to the tribe.
    Clan color: Green
    Wood: Poplar
    Direction: Center

    Wild Potato (a ni ga to ge wi)
    This clan was known to dig for wild potatoes to make flour for bread. Various scholars have also call them the "Bear", "Raccoon" or "Blind Savanna" clan.
    Clan color: Yellow
    Wood: Ash
    Direction: Up Above

    Wolf (a ni wa yah)
    This was the largest and most prominent clan that provided most of the war chiefs. They were the only clan who could keep or kill wolves.
    Clan color: Red
    Wood: Oak
    Direction: East

    Paint (a ni wo di)
    The shamans and medicine men and women came from this clan, which had the additional duty to make the ceremonial red paint.
    Clan color: White
    Wood: Hickory
    Direction: South

    Bird (a ni tse skwa)
    This clan served as the messengers of the tribe and was the keepers of the domestic birds like chicken, geese, etc. They were also the storytellers of the tribe.
    Clan color: Blue
    Wood: Birch
    Direction: North

    Deer (a ni ka wi)
    The deer clan was the hunters and was known as fast runners.
    Clan color: Black
    Wood: Maple
    Direction: West

    Blue (a ni sa ho ni)
    They produced the special blue medicine from a sacred plant that was used to keep the children healthy. They were also called the "Panther" or "Wildcat" clan.
    Clan color: Brown
    Wood: Beech
    Direction: Below

    By looking at the list above, you can see that seven is used repeatedly. In fact, the number seven is a sacred number. There are seven clans, seven colors, seven sacred trees, and the seven cardinal directions. There are also seven sacred stars, seven sides on the Council House, and seven members of the tribal Council.

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    Re: 7 Clans of the Tsalagi

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